Visiting the Central Park Zoo: Tickets and Highlights | Sightseeing Guide to the Central Park Zoo in NYC

Central Park Zoo

Location: E 64th St & 5th Ave, New York, NY 10021

Making the Most of Your Visit: Central Park Zoo Sightseeing Guide

At Central Park Zoo, NYC tourists can see all sorts of animals, making this a great destination for anyone who loves wildlife. No one has been more successful at re-creating animals’ natural habitats within an urban environment than the team at this zoo. Central Park Zoo tickets will give you a wild experience that includes sea lions, monkeys, polar bears, and more. Learn more about this famous destination here, then hop off the bus during our Uptown & Harlem Tour to explore it for yourself.

History of the Zoo
At the Central Park Zoo, Manhattan visitors can see what might be the oldest municipal zoo in the United States. Since the park was built, animals have been exhibited here, starting with a bear cub that was looked after by a park messenger boy. In the 1860s, enclosures were built and a few animals were built up into a menagerie. Since that time, the zoo has grown and improved, becoming home to famous animal guests like Fin the sea lion, Gus the polar bear, and Charles the liger.

Where in Central Park Is the Zoo?
The Central Park Zoo is in the southwest part of the park, on 5th Ave. across from East 64th Street.

What Kinds of Animals Are at the Central Park Zoo?
Red pandas are on exhibit at the Central Park Zoo

The zoo hosts a wide variety of animals, including:

  • California sea lions

  • Emerald tree boas

  • Grizzly bears

  • Poison dart frogs

  • Red pandas

  • Ruffled lemurs

  • Snow leopards

Does the Central Park Zoo Have Penguins?
Yes! In fact, the Central Park Zoo has five kinds of penguins: tufted, gentoo, king, macaroni, and chinstrap.

Does Central Park Have a Petting Zoo?
Yes! If you’re traveling with children, make sure you visit the Tisch Children’s Zoo. Admission is part of your purchase of Central Park Zoo tickets, and there’s a petting zoo that’s home to sheep, a cow, goats, and a pig that kids can feed. There are also hands-on educational experiences like simulated animal eggs, shells, and habitats.

Other Things to Do at the Central Park Zoo

You’ll see more than a huge variety of species at the Central Park Zoo. NYC sightseers can also see a 4D movie, which is included in the price of admission and combines a 3D film with other sensory experiences.

For one of the most exciting events at the zoo, waddle on over to the penguin feeding. This happens daily at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. Watch while they come out of their dens for the fish feeding frenzy! You can also watch the sea lions get fed: This takes place daily at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 3:30 pm. You can often watch sea lion training during these sessions, too. Exercises and challenges provide important stimulation for these curious critters.

See the Central Park Zoo and More
If you want to take in everything that New York City has to offer, including the Central Park Zoo, our tours are a great option. On our hop-on hop-off Uptown & Harlem Tour, you can stop to explore attractions including the Apollo Theater, the Guggenheim Museum, Carnegie Hall, and the Central Park Zoo in NYC. Tickets are good for 24 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to see everything without rushing, and you can buy them online up to six months in advance, locking in the best possible price. Book with us and we’ll make it easy for you to see the top sights in the city!

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