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Union Square

Location: According to Wikipedia, the current Union Square Park is bounded by 14th Street on the south, Union Square West on the west side, 17th Street on the north, and on the east Union Square East.

Union Square Park: An NYC Destination Not to Be Missed

Union Square Park is surrounded by 14th Street, Union Square West, 17th Street, and Union Square East in Manhattan, and it’s named for the fact that it’s a place where a lot of important streets come together, including Broadway, 4th Ave., and Park Ave. When people say “Union Square,” they may be referring to Union Square Park in NYC or the neighborhood surrounding it. Union Square Park is famous as a meeting point for rallies and protests like the Great Sumter Rally in 1861. In modern times, you can still find political protesters here, but you’ll also see dance crews, musicians, chess players, skateboarders, and street vendors. Union Square Park offers a classic NYC park experience, and it’s also a stop on our Downtown Tour.

Things to Do in Union Square, NYC

If you’re in Union Square, NYC, things to do are all around the area. Some of our favorite things to do in Union Square for NYC visitors include:

  • Union Square Park Greenmarket: Make sure to stop by the park for the Greenmarket if you’re in the area on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. You can pick up delicious produce and baked goods there.

  • Strand Bookstore: This shop is a must-visit for book-lovers. The Strand is one of the most famous bookstores in the world and has been in business for more than 90 years. The shop has earned fame for containing “18 miles of books,” hosting author events, offering deep discounts, and having a selection of rare books and many book-related novelty gifts.

  • Irving Plaza: This beautiful ballroom with crystal chandeliers and polished wood floors is a regular concert venue that hosts acts from rock to rap to pop and beyond.

  • Dear Irving: This truly unique cocktail bar has a standout theme: time travel! Each room can take you back to a different era, including the 1960s, the Jazz Age, the Civil War era, and late 18th century France. Visit every age and try an expertly crafted cocktail from each stop in time.

  • Union Square Metronome: At the park’s south end, you’ll find this interesting work of art paired with a digital clock that keeps time much like grains of sand flow through an hourglass: The digits on the left count hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds, but reading from right to left shows the amount of time left until midnight.

  • Pete’s Tavern: If you want to experience some real history, Pete’s Tavern is a good stop: It’s the oldest operating bar-restaurant in New York. It was built in 1864 and managed to survive the Prohibition era by disguising itself as a flower shop. Famous writers have wined, dined, and worked here, including O. Henry, who is said to have written The Gift of the Magi here.

  • Academy Records: Academy Records is one of the top destinations for many visitors to Union Square, NYC. Things to do here include digging through crates for new records, browsing their specialized selection of classic rock and jazz LPs, and looking for treasure in the $1 bin.

  • Union Square Café: Union Square Café is owned by famous restaurateur Danny Meyer. Foodies will want to stop in and enjoy a meal at a place that’s received honors from Zagat and the James Beard Foundation. If you want to sample the new American cuisine, you should make a reservation.

Our Downtown Tour stops at Union Square, so when you explore the city with us, you can hop off here, explore this exciting area, then hop back on to continue your journey. From “Where is Union Square Park?” to “Where can I get the best slice of pizza?”, our tours offer plenty of opportunities for you to explore the answers to many questions. Book online today for the best price!

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