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4 Tips for Safer New York Sightseeing with Children

One of the more terrifying aspects of any New York sightseeing venture with children in tow is the crowded tourist spots. Obviously, you and your entire family want to enjoy your experience. The question is – how do you keep your children safe when you step off the NY sightseeing bus into the crowded city of New York? Here are four tips any parent can use.

Teach Children to Memorize Phone Numbers

A neurotypical child over the age of four has the needed skills to memorize a phone number. Take the time to teach your child important phone numbers and how to remember them. Children at this age are particularly fond of nursery rhymes, so consider turning important phone numbers into a catchy song. If your child becomes separated from you during the New York sightseeing venture, he or she can call you.

Take Your Time

You will not enjoy your tour of New York City if you find yourself rushing everywhere you want and need to go. As a parent, you must accept the fact that things just take longer when you have children in tow. Plan ahead, book ahead, and always leave extra gaps of time for bathroom and snack breaks.

Assume Separation Might Happen

No one wants to think their child will become separated from them while sightseeing in NYC, but it happens. The situation is a lot less terrifying for both you and your child if you know how to handle the situation. Before your sightseeing trip, take the time to sit down and talk to your child about a “what if” situation.

Pack Snacks and Entertainment

Sightseeing in New York is expensive if you find yourself buying a snack for your children on the corner of every other street. Pack some snacks to keep your child content during the tour. You also want to pack some form of entertainment to keep your child occupied on the tour bus. Just avoid packing something your child will become devastated over if it gets lost or broken. Enjoying an NY sightseeing bus tour is something the whole family can do together. For someone with children, however, the experience can also be a little terrifying. You want your child to have fun, but you also want your child to stay safe. Fortunately, these four tips should help keep your whole family safe during your tour in New York.