Places to Spot a Movie Star With a New York Pass

Best Places to Spot a Movie Star When Using a New York Sightseeing Pass

It is no secret that many movie stars and other celebrities live in New York City. Because of this, it is a somewhat regular occurrence for New Yorkers and tourists to spot celebrities as they take advantage of a New York sightseeing pass. If your goal is to see some famous people as well as your favorite attractions, make sure you check out these spots during your double decker bus tour NYC.

A Live TV Taping

Unsurprisingly, you are very likely to spot movie stars, or at least TV show hosts, if you get tickets for a live TV taping during your trip. As soon as you book your New York sightseeing pass, see what tickets for TV tapings are available. These are frequently free. However, they typically disappear in minutes or even seconds. That means you have to check when they will be released. Try to plan more than a month ahead of time.

Rockefeller Center

Not only is the Rockefeller Center included on most New York downtown tours, but it is also a great spot to see movie stars and other celebs. This is where various NBC talk shows are hosted. That means that their guests will have to go in and out of the building. Keep your eyes peeled and hang outside the building. You should spot at least a few movie stars.  You have a good chance of seeing stars from “Saturday Night Live” and “The Roots” since they film there. You may even be able to get an autograph or selfie with a star.

Brooklyn Heights

Take advantage of a one day tour New York with multiple tour routes to head to Brooklyn Heights. You are likely to see at least one famous person here. This is the swankiest area of Brooklyn, and numerous celebs live here. Just take a stroll through the neighborhood. Keep your eyes open for movie stars walking their dogs or going to the store.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is chic and fun to explore even if you don’t want to see celebrities. If that is your goal, however, visiting the market is even more of a must. It feels similar to a farmer’s market but has permanent stores and eateries. It is also a favorite shopping and dining spot for multiple celebs. You could also find famous YouTubers here since it hosts the YouTube Space.   Although there is no guarantee you will spot a movie star, the best way to increase your chances is to get a New York sightseeing pass that includes multiple bus routes and attractions. The more you see of the city, the more chances to see a celeb you get.