Best Spots for a Coney Dog on A New York Tours

Best Spots for a Coney Dog on Your New York Sightseeing Tours

When you visit New York, a Coney dog should definitely be on your list of required foods to try. Sometimes known as a Coney Island Hot Dog or just a Coney, a Coney dog is a type of hot dog sandwich that has savory meat sauce and other toppings on it. You can find them around the Big Apple, especially on Coney Island. To try one, consider planning to stop at one of these spots during your New York sightseeing tours.

Coney Shack

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can find a delicious Coney dog at the stand called Coney Shack. This Coney Island location has a beef hotdog with caramelized pork and other toppings on it. If you decide you want to try something else, there are also other hot dogs to choose from here as well as some tacos, grilled cheese, and more. Fuel up before you go back to your New York sightseeing tours.

Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs is within the East Village, so you can stop here for a bite during New York downtown tours. Its menu is extensive, with nearly every kind of hot dog you could possibly want to try. There are even vegetarian hot dogs available, although you can’t get one of those like a classic Coney dog since it won’t be topped with meat. There are also sides like fries and tots plus drinks. Eat it there or get your food to go and enjoy it carefully on your NYC bus tours hop on hop off.

Nathan’s Famous

If you are set on having a classic Coney dog during your best NYC bus tours, stop by Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island. This is an iconic spot to get food, and it serves fries as well as hot dogs. You can also find burgers and other options on the menu if someone you are with doesn’t like hot dogs.

Papaya King

If your craving for a Coney dog hits while in the Upper East Side, enjoy it at Papaya King. They actually have over a dozen options for specialty franks, which include a Coney dog and more choices than you can think of. Like the others on the list, you can also get other food here, like chicken tenders. For help planning your NYC bus tours hop on hop off, contact us. Soon, you can enjoy the sights as well as a delicious Coney dog.