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Best Websites to Plan Your New York City Bus Tours

When you are planning a trip, you will want to take New York City bus tours. But you need to plan your trip out properly to ensure that you have the time and money to do everything you want to do. It’s not easy to do on your own. Therefore, you should use these websites that can help you. Here are a few of the best.

Eater NY

If you love to eat, New York is a good place to do it. There are so many restaurants, cafés, and bistros that you can eat at. You can find almost any kind of food you want. If you are afraid you won’t have time to visit the restaurants on your list during your New York City bus tours, use the Eater NY app to find them and plan your meals and snacks.

Oh My Rockness

If you love music and want to catch some great artists during your New York City bus tours, use the Oh My Rockness website. It will help you find when and where they are performing. You can even find free concerts and special events. It will save you a lot of time.


This is the official guide to NYC. It has plenty of information about attractions, restaurants, entertainment, and more. You can find maps, events, schedules, links to other websites, and more all in one place. It’s a great place to plan a trip no matter what you plan on doing in the Big Apple. Don’t plan your New York City bus tours without checking there for other attractions and fun first.

MTA Info

If you are going to be traveling around NYC before or after your New York City bus tours, you need to use the subway. Look for different routes, times, and prices. Use the MTA Info website to plan your trip. If you want to see everything New York has to offer, New York City bus tours are a great option. Plan the rest of your trip with these great websites. They will help you make the most of your time and see more of the big city.