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Four Museums You Should Visit on a One Day Tour New York

There is only so much you can see and do in New York City in a single day. But even if you are short on time, some museums can’t be missed. Be sure to plan your one day tour New York so you can get off the bus and stop at the following museums. It will be worth it even if you just have a few days.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

You really need a full day or longer to see everything in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But you should still make an attempt to visit it during your one day tour New York. It covers 11.5 acres. You can plan ahead to see the exhibits you are most interested in. The museum opened up in 1880 and is an iconic attraction. You will be able to see a wide range of artwork that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Guggenheim New York Museum

When looking at your New York sightseeing tours, see whether it is possible to make a quick stop at the Guggenheim. This is a landmark building that Frank Lloyd Wright designed. Its 50th birthday was in 2009, at which point it was restored. You will find a range of temporary art shows. There is also a permanent collection when you go inside to explore. Keep your eyes out for works by Picasso, Chagall, Manet, Kandinsky, and more.

Museum of Modern Art

No New York City sightseeing packages are complete without a trip to the Museum of Modern Art, also known as MoMA. Your bus should pass by the museum, so hop off and spend a few hours there. You can check out the permanent exhibits. You can also visit the cinema or buy something from the MoMA Design Store. Don’t forget to explore the sculpture garden featuring works by Rodin and Picasso. There is even a bar and high-end restaurant if you get hungry.

American Museum of Natural History

If art isn’t your thing, then be sure to make time for the American Museum of Natural History on a one day tour New York. This museum puts similar ones in other cities to shame with exhibits like a prehistoric Barosaurus skeleton, which is a large dinosaur. The museum is 148 years old and will inspire your curiosity about the universe. For more information on a one day tour New York or the attractions you can expect to see on it, contact our friendly team.