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Get an NYC Pass for Your Graduation Trip 2

If you have graduated high school or college and are looking forward to getting away for a while and experiencing something new, then consider getting an NYC pass. The pass is good for 24 hours and includes several different tours. You can see everything there is to see in the Big Apple for one low price. There is no need to order and pick up a bunch of tickets. Everything is included with your NYC pass. Some of your options include:

Uptown and Harlem Tour

If you have ever wanted to see what Harlem and uptown have to offer, then now is your chance. Your NYC Pass includes a tour of both areas. Check out the neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Brooklyn Bus Tour

Brooklyn has a lot of personality, and it can be a lot of fun to explore. But there’s no need to search for tickets for special tours. You can spend your graduation trip trying out great foods, listening to amazing music, and riding around the streets of this popular neighborhood. It’s all included with your NYC pass.

Night Bus Tour

Have you ever wanted to see NYC at night? With an NYC pass, you can take a night bus tour right past all the popular attractions. There is nothing like New York City at night. Everything looks different and a little brighter. So, it’s a tour you won’t forget.

Two-Hour Bike Rental

If you want to stretch your legs while you are in the Big Apple, then a two-hour bike ride may be perfect. You can then ride all over the city. Explore Central Park and the city bike paths. The best part is that it’s included with an NYC pass.

Museum of NYC

Need a little culture in your life? The Museum of NYC has plenty of art and unique exhibits that you are sure to love. Your ticket is included in your NYC pass. Therefore, you should take some time to browse through each exhibit and learn more about the city. You worked hard to graduate. So now, you deserve to treat yourself with a fun trip. Don’t worry about finding tickets and transportation while you are in New York. Just buy an NYC pass, and everything is taken care of for you. It’s a fun, affordable, and safe way to explore the Big Apple.