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Hop-Off Your Tour Bus Into New York's Coffee Scene!

New York City is the city that never sleeps. Ambition and ceaseless hard work are built into the values and substance of the place. But even New Yorkers need some help to stay awake, which is why coffee houses are everywhere throughout New York. Get off the subway and walk to work, and you'll probably pass half a dozen different coffee venues. Drive around on a Double-Decker bus, ditto. Leading many tourists and locals to ask what are the exact numbers of New York's coffee scene? Baseline, there are about 1,700 coffee shops throughout the five boroughs, according to a report by the NY Economic Development Corp. More surprisingly, the majority of these stores are not major chains like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, but single location smaller shops. Fifty seven percent of the pool are these smaller shops, about 970, while the two major chains only total about 725. Of this number, Dunkin has almost twice the number held by Starbucks. Now that we got the numbers down, here are some famous NYC coffee houses you can visit from your hop-on hop-off bus tour! La Colombe You ever see those commercials for coffee creamer where the foam makes a beautiful design on the top of the coffee? These guys actually know how to do that. Their skill with coffee designs are known throughout the city, and their five different locations make it easy to hop-off the tour bus and find one no matter where you are! Birch The appeal of Birch Coffee Houses are the establishment itself, which has tried to cultivate an intimate and comfortable atmosphere within its shop. They offer a free library, conversation starters you can post on your table, and live music among other small joys. Birch also has numerous locations throughout the city, making it easily accessible from your hop-on hop-off bus tour. Sit & Wonder At Sit & Wonder you can take the coffee to the outdoors. They have a quaint backyard which offers some refreshing privacy from the street, along with plants, sunshine, and a nice breeze. A perfect spring or summertime break, enjoy the coffee and the weather at the same time! Sit & Wonder is located near Prospect Park, a major stop on any Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour.