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Why Instagrammers Love Sightseeing NYC

Of all the places in the United States to take amazing photographs, New York City is at or near the top of the list. Just about anywhere you go in this cosmopolitan city offers breathtaking photo opportunities to treasure and share with family and friends. Sightseeing NYC is a gold mine for avid photographers. It’s even better if you’re into Instagram and sharing photos online with people at home.


Not only is New York City the largest city in the United States and a major center of American culture and economics, but it’s also rich with history. NYC traces its roots to New Amsterdam, founded by Dutch colonists in 1624. This makes New York one of the oldest cities in the United States. Because of its age, New York boasts classic architecture as well as treasured icons such as the Statue of Liberty. Instagrammers love posting by this famous landmark as well as at Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants came to the U.S. in the early 1900s. Everywhere you go in New York is a photographer’s dream.

The People

New York City is the most diverse city in the United States. People from all over the world call it home. Visitors and residents can hear up to 800 different languages in the city. You won’t find such eclectic culture anywhere else. During your sightseeing NYC, this culture is on display, and you can share it through pictures. Snap photos of people you meet and the different styles of food, music, art, and belief systems you encounter.

The Scenery

You won’t see a collection of massive skyscrapers and buildings anywhere else. NYC has hundreds of high-rise buildings, many of which tower above you several hundred feet from the ground. Famous buildings such as the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building are prominent in movies and television shows. What would make a better photo on Instagram than you in front of or at the top of one of these massive structures? And when day turns to night, the skyline becomes a stunning array of lights. In addition to the buildings, you can capture views of the Brooklyn Bridge and ships on the harbor. Head to Central Park and snap a selfie at one of the park’s many sculptures or monuments.   Show all your followers on Instagram that you’re having the sightseeing NYC time of your life. Share a phenomenal collection of photos with them.