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Is It Better to Take the Subway or a City Tour Bus in NYC?

When you have a city with more than 8 million residents and countless other daily commuters and tourists, you can imagine that it’s not easy getting around New York City. Crowded streets and sidewalks may make it difficult to get from place to place. But don’t despair. If you’re heading on vacation to New York, you’ll want to pack in as much as possible. Tour buses and the subway are two popular options for traveling to your destination and seeing the sights of the Big Apple. Consider riding a city tour bus in NYC to get the most out of your excursion.

See as You Go

When it comes to travel, riding the subway offers clear advantages. These underground trains move faster than the cars above them and don’t have to contend with gridlocked traffic. However, if you take the subway in NYC instead of a sightseeing bus, you’re missing out on some of the city’s most iconic sights and sounds. Your bus will take you by historic buildings and dazzling scenery. If you’re traveling from place to place, why not see other famous landmarks along the way?


Because New York is busy and there is so much to do and see on your trip, it’s important to plan your vacation wisely. If you want to get to all your favorite attractions, you need to organize your time properly. When you ride a city tour bus in NYC, a professional driver and experienced tour company will ensure you pass by and make stops at the biggest and best sites. If you choose to ride the subway, you’ll have to try to decide the best routes to your destination. A tour company is familiar with the city, where to go, and what times are best for travel.

Learn about the City

As you travel on your sightseeing bus in NYC, you’ll gain valuable information about the buildings, theaters, museums, and various other spots in the city. Well-informed, experienced guides will be on these buses. They’ll tell you interesting tidbits about this great place. You wouldn’t find such help on the subway or by using other travel methods. The guide can answer your questions, clear up confusion or misinformation, and can give you recommendations for further excursions in New York.   The next time you head to New York for a vacation, take a city tour bus in NYC instead of the subway. You’ll have a much better experience.