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Love Frozen Yogurt? Where to Stop on Your New York Bus Tour

New York City is famous for many things. The city’s museums are some of the most spectacular in the world. The buildings are historic and picturesque. The culture is diverse and strong. You can see all of these things the next time you take a New York bus tour. You can also discover the city’s amazing food scene. During your visit, make note of some of the top frozen yogurt establishments to enjoy on a hot day – or any day at all.

16 Handles

When it comes to finding cool snacks during a New York bus tour, put this place near the top of your list. You’ll find 16 Handles at 153 2nd Avenue between 9th and 10th streets. If you like variety, you’ll love what this place has to offer. The place has different selections each week as well as some tried-and-true favorites. Patrons love the red velvet, birthday cake, and brownie bites. If you want to get crazy, try the margarita tart. Throw in some mix-ins to your frozen yogurt, and you’ll have a treat that will leave you clamoring for more.

Butterfield Market

Along with selection and taste, patrons look for price and size when choosing frozen yogurt. Butterfield Market at 1114 Lexington Avenue gives you the best of both worlds. Hop off your New York bus tour and stroll into this fine shop for a $4 small size. This isn’t your typical small serving; it’ll be plenty to satisfy your taste buds. You can’t beat the value. Plus, you can grab some lunch along with your dessert.

YoArt at the Plaza Food Hall

When you’re on a New York bus tour, make it a point to visit 1 west 59th Street. This is where you’ll discover YoArt at the Plaza Food Hall. The owners of this shop get creative with their concoctions. Whatever toppings you like best on your frozen yogurt, this place will have it. The helpings are generous, and the yogurt is sweet and delicious.


Make sure you pick a New York bus tour that goes near 7 West 32nd Street. This is where Pinkberry sets up shop, and it’s a frozen yogurt shop you’ve got to try. If you love candy pieces in your yogurt, Pinkberry won’t disappoint. All your favorite treats are available. You can also throw in some fruit such as kiwi and strawberries.   You’ve come to New York for the amazing sights and sounds, but don’t neglect your sweet tooth. Get off your bus tour and hit some of these amazing frozen yogurt shops.