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NYC Easter Day Parade Guide

What is the Easter Parade?

The Easter Day Parade is a traditional American event that basically consists of walking around the city with fancy hats on as a display of style, novelty, and abundance. Celebrating Easter by parading around in stylish hats dates back to the early 4th century after the Roman Emperor Constantine I ordered people to "dress in their finest and parade in honor of Christ's resurrection." Today, however, the Easter Day Parade has less of a religious connotation and more of a traditional one. It is a disorganized and informal stroll around the city in fancy hats with Easter-themed foods, dresses, and other finery. NYC holds the biggest Easter Parades in the whole world, and while other cities have their own marches, they are hardly the same magnitude as the one on Fifth Ave, New York. If you happen to be among the thousands of people traveling for Easter, here's a short and helpful guide!

What happens during an Easter Day Parade and why should I go?

Did you know that in the early half of the 20th century, the Easter Parade in NYC drew in over a million people to the city? Now that is what we call a party, and NYC knows how to throw it. There are plenty of extravagant displays of plant and animal décor, lots of floral hats, animals in outlandish costumes, brunch deals, Easter feasts, gloats, processions, singing and dancing, and lots and lots of sweets - all of it attracting people of all ages and ethnicities. Not only will you get to dress up and join in the processions, but you'll get to meet the jolliest, most delightful people, all out to have a good time. There is something in this parade for just about everyone, and you don't want to miss it. Taking a TopView tour that day? Make sure to hop off in Midtown at the finale of your loop, so you can take in the glory of the Easter Parade.

But what will I wear?

This is the best part of the entire ordeal, to be honest, and there is something for not just you, but your kids, your grandparents, heck, even your bulldog. Here's a small checklist to push you in the right direction:

  • Extravagant bonnets
  • Floral hats and ensembles
  • Rabbit-themed outfits
  • Feathery outfits and hats
  • Cosplay - especially if it's a bird-, rabbit-, or flower-based character
  • Bunny ear headbands
  • DIY tissue garlands and giant daisies

Alright, I'm in! Where is it?

The Easter Parade in NYC starts between 50th and 51st streets on Fifth Ave this Easter Sunday. That makes this year's the 1st of April, 10 am. View Also: Things to Do on Easter Sunday in NYC