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NYC Tours for Those Looking for Souvenirs

When you take a trip to a new place or to a favorite location, it’s always nice to bring home some fun souvenirs to remind you of the times you had there. These souvenirs can help keep the memories alive and serve as tangible reminders of the experiences you and your family or friends had. If you’ve got a trip planned to the Big Apple, take some NYC tours. With an organized tour, you’ll pass by and visit some of the most popular, iconic places in the city. With the right tour, you’ll have an easier time finding the souvenirs you want.

All City Two-Day Pass

With a two-day pass, you can get the most out of your visit to New York. When you’re thinking about NYC tours, put this one near the top of your list. The All City Two-Day Pass includes the downtown pass, which lasts two hours. This pass takes you into the center of the busiest activity in New York where you can experience the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, the Empire State Building, and locations. This is far from all you’ll get, though. This pass also lets you take part in the Bronx Tour, the Night Tour, the Brooklyn Tour, and the Uptown & Harlem Tour.

Liberty Cruise

You wouldn’t want to visit New York City without making the Liberty Cruise one of your NYC tours. Hop on a boat and head over to the Statue of Liberty, passing historic Ellis Island on your way. From this vantage point, you’ll also get a gorgeous glimpse of the Manhattan skyline. After your cruise, you will have the chance to search the city for some souvenirs.

Classic NYC Pass 24 Hours

Of all the NYC tours you can choose, this one will allow you to see the most attractions if you’ve only got one day to spend in the Empire City. Use the pass to get souvenirs at places such as the Brooklyn Museum, the World Trade Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other places. Whether you’re planning on spending a day or a week in New York City, take one or more of these NYC tours. You’ll find some great souvenirs and experience long-lasting memories.