Parks You Should Visit While in NYC

Parks You Should Visit While Sightseeing in NYC

Stretched across five boroughs in New York City are more than 1,700 parks, recreation facilities, and playgrounds. With so many options, trying to squeeze in several places while visiting would be difficult. However, if you take a bus while sightseeing in NYC, you can explore more in less time.

Sightseeing in NYC: Central Park

In New York City, Central Park is the most famous of all parks. With 843 acres, there is plenty to see and do in this park. While you are sightseeing in NYC, you can hit all the hot spots. In fact, many guided tours include a stop at one of the favorite restaurants adjacent to the park where you can enjoy an excellent meal and people watching. a

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Although it’s much smaller than Central Park, with just 85 acres, this too is a beautiful place to visit. As a popular destination for picnics and just hanging out, you can always visit this park while sightseeing in NYC. The driver would drop you off at the park. Then, when you get ready to leave, you can get back on at a designated time and place. For convenience, you can get a hop on hop off NYC map ahead of time.

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

This park is an excellent place for a barbecue, boating on the lake, skating in the park, playing baseball and basketball, and even visiting the on-site zoo. As the second largest park in New York City, you should add this one to your list.

Prospect Park

For something a little more relaxing, this park is the ideal destination. As with the other parks, you can get there while sightseeing in NYC. Not only is there a towering forest and open space, perfect for reading a book, listening to music, or just hanging out, this park also boasts a zoo and the famous Wollman Rink. If you visit New York in the summer, you can enjoy one of the rink’s hosted skating parties.   Renting a car gets expensive. If you are not from the city, it’s also a great way to get lost. Taking a bus tour in NYC is more convenient, safe, and fun.