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Places to Go in NYC to Watch the Sunrise

Is there anything more breathtaking than getting up early in the morning and catching a glimpse of the sunrise? Any effort you make to arise will be well worth it when you see this awe-inspiring sight. It’s a welcoming sight, no matter where you are when you greet this glorious greeting. Now, imagine the stunning spectacle of seeing the sunrise in New York. There are plenty of places to go in NYC if you want to take part in this daily event. Whether you want some peaceful time alone or a special moment with someone you care about it, the rising sun is a perfect occasion for anyone.

Places to Go in NYC: Valentino Pier

If you head to this popular spot in Brooklyn, you can get a full view of the famed Statue of Liberty. This welcoming beacon of freedom and hope shines to everyone who sees it. Give her a backdrop of the fiery sunrise, and she looks even more incredible. Your only regret about going to this site in NYC is that the moments don’t last longer.

North Cove

There’s a part of Battery Park in Manhattan that has to rank as one of the top places to go in NYC if you want to see the sun peak over the horizon. Not only will this location provide a mesmerizing view of the city’s skyline, but you also see beautiful ocean views, not to mention the boats and other watercraft. When the sun dances off the water, it creates a dazzling look you won’t soon forget.

Astoria Park

With its home in Queens, Astoria Park is a quiet place to be in the early morning when the sun is making its appearance. This location situates you close to the Triboro Bridge and the Hellgate Bridge. These man-made structures always welcome in a sunrise view in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

There are so many places to go in NYC if you’re looking for the ideal spot to catch the sunrise. It’s difficult to narrow down a list. But if you were to pick one more, you wouldn’t go wrong with Bridge Park in Brooklyn. This park offers a complete view of New York’s towering skyscrapers across the river. When the sun catches the buildings just right, it makes a stunning reflection off the glass.   The sunrise is a photographer’s dream, and you can catch it in some wonderful spots when you know which places to go in NYC to see it.