Check Out These Bronx Bars on Your Bus Tour in NYC

Take a Break From Your Bus Tour in NYC and Check Out These Bronx Bars

Some people take vacations to relax and get away from the normal stress and demands of their daily routine. However, sometimes even vacations take work and can wear you out. For example, consider a trip to New York City. This busy city has something for everyone, but if you want to make the most of your time, you need to pack in a full day of sightseeing. It’s important to wind down at the end of a long day, so hop off your bus tour in NYC and check out some of the best bars in the Bronx. These fun bars will help take the edge off.

Go to Bronx Drafthouse on Your Bus Tour in NYC

If your bus tour in NYC takes you anywhere near 884 Gerard Avenue, make sure you stop in at the Bronx Drafthouse. The bar serves 21 different types of beer on tap as well as 27 varieties of canned beer. The food will fill you up as well with its signature hamburgers, sliders, and wings. Situated down the road from Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Drafthouse has a great party atmosphere on game day. Stop in before or after the Yankees play.

Stan’s Sports Bar

Speaking of the Yankees, Stan’s Sports Bar has played host to NYC baseball fans on game day since the late 1970s. The bar is right across the street from the stadium, and it’s only open on days when the Yankees are playing at home. There’s no better way to celebrate a big win or pick yourself up after a loss than by enjoying your favorite adult beverage and delicious food.

Bronx Beer Hall

At 2344 Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, you can leave your bus tour in NYC and come to a unique bar atmosphere. This venue serves year-round, seasonal, and imperial beers in eight-ounce glasses. The bar also specializes in wine. The place has only been around since 2013, but the Bronx Beer Hall has already built up a loyal following. Of course, there’s plenty to eat here as well, so there’s no excuse to go away hungry or unsatisfied.

The Bronx Brewery

This brewery is even newer than the Bronx Beer Hall. The Bronx Brewery opened in 2014 and serves some favorites, such as the Slow Your Roll IPA, Bronx Banner Golden Ale, and the Bronx American Pale Ale.   A bus tour in NYC will take you many places on your long day of sightseeing. Make sure you visit these great places for your favorite drinks.