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The Best Places for Thai Food While on a City Bus Tour NYC

A bus tour NYC is the best way to see New York City from a different angle. You get to pick between non-stop tours or hop on hop off tours. You’ll discover all the monuments, buildings, and attractions that the city offers. If you are feeling hungry and are craving Thai food, there are many restaurants in New York that you can go to.

Somtum Der

East Village is a main food hub, and Somtum Der is the main Thai hub of East Village. The wood-paneled dining room earned a Michelin star. It has locations in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. Try the Som Tum, their most famous dish. Or, check out the Tum Thai Kai Kem or even one of their delicious papaya salads.

Zabb Elee

Another great place for Thai food in East Village is Zabb Elee. It has a diverse menu with funky food items from Northern Thailand. Try one of the tods, som tums, or yangs. For an even more authentic Thai experience, opt for the kai tod (fried chicken), blackened gizzards, or skewers. The kai tod, a local favorite, is marinated in a mix of lime and Thai herbs.

Pure Thai Cookhouse

Pure Thai Cookhouse is one of the most popular places in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a great place to stop during your bus tour NYC. It is a small, canteen-like hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen. It is extremely famous amongst locals. Try the wok dishes or the Ratchaburi homemade egg noodles with roasted pork and crab.

Pam Real Thai Food

Another great spot during your bus tour NYC for Thai food is Pam Real Thai Food, also in Hell’s Kitchen. It serves authentic Thai food and is one of the only places that offers the Malaysian fruit durian.

Wondee Siam II

Another famous Hell’s Kitchen Thai restaurant is Wondee Siam. It also serves authentic Thai food and is famous both for its noodles and satays. Popular dishes include the deep-fried pork, which is crispy and sautéed with bell peppers, fresh basil, chili, and garlic. You can also try the spicy fried catfish with basil, Thai eggplant, red pepper, and kaffir leaves.