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Tips for Reading a New York City Sightseeing Map

First time in the Big Apple? Then understanding how to read a New York City sightseeing map might be helpful. To make things easier, here is some information that can help you get around the city more easily.


Before even understanding a New York City sightseeing map, it is important to quickly cover the geography of the city. NYC is in the northeast of the United States and is in the center of the New York harbor. It is on three islands (Western Long Island, Staten Island, and Manhattan). It also has five boroughs, which is why the population density of the city is so high.


This borough will most likely be the centerpiece of your New York City sightseeing map. It is the most popular area as well as the most densely populated one. It is also in this borough that you will find most activities, attractions, and monuments, including all the skyscrapers and business centers.


Brooklyn is the most populated borough and is very famous for its cultural identity as well as its independent art scene and architectural heritage. It is right between Queens and Manhattan. It is also home to Coney Island, one of the oldest amusement parks in the entire country. You can also check out plenty of beaches that attract masses of tourists in the summer.


In terms of geography, Queens is the largest of all boroughs. Queens is on the east side of the city. It is not only the most ethnically diverse borough in the United States, it is also home to many middle-class residents who commute to Manhattan on a daily basis. It is also home of Citi Field and home to the New York Mets.


The Bronx is the most northern borough of New York City. It is the birthplace of hip-hop and rap culture. It is also home to the famous Yankee Stadium. This stadium opened back in 1923. The Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships since then.