Try Original Italian food While Enjoying Night Tours in NYC

Try Italian at One of These Originals While Enjoying Night Tours in NYC

Planning your family vacation to the “City that Never Sleeps” won’t be complete until you get a taste of true Italian cuisine. Luckily, night tours in NYC bring you close to many delicious and well-rated restaurants. Consider one of the following Italian eateries to enjoy a robust meal at.


While in Brooklyn, be sure to stop by Tommaso’s on 61st Street. It’s been standing since well before the Korean War when Tommaso’s mother proudly made meatballs and more for the men going off to war. Here you can delight in a delicious home-cooked meal that is made with classic recipes. Pair any of your favorites with one of the many different wines on the extensive list available. Be sure to try one of the favorite dishes such as the classic meatballs. The a la carte menu features such delicacies as escargot, fegato d’anatra, baby scallops in the shell, and more. Be sure to try the selection of three-course items. From this menu, you can choose one original appetizer, one delicious dinner, and a dessert. It is a favorite amongst patrons.

Dominick’s in the Bronx

Many New Yorkers say if you want a true taste of Little Italy, you should go to the Bronx. If your night tours in NYC take you near, you should be sure to try Dominick’s. This classic Italian eatery is one of several restaurants that nod their heads to a different time. The quaint restaurant is very family-driven, and the waiters will recite features and menu items from heart for you. That’s because there are no written menus. While you are here, try some of the chicken parm, baked ziti, or the homemade meatballs. Don’t forget to ask the server for a wine suggestion. There are plenty to choose from, ensuring that you get something you love.

Barbetta in the Heart of Midtown

Barbetta’s is known for being the oldest New York City restaurant, owned by the same family since its opening in 1906. Located right in the theater district, the servers here know how to get you delicious food and get you going in time to make the curtain call. Try one of their delicate pastas made in-house. Or, you can try one of the rich salads and popular entrees. You can also enjoy a tasty lunch out on the terrace that has adorable tables with umbrellas and flowers. Your night tour in NYC will be complete with a classic Italian meal served at Barbettas.