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Use These Tips for More Fun on Your NYC Bus Tour

Known as an expensive city that never sleeps, many assume you cannot truly enjoy the New York City on a budget. Fortunately, that is not true. There are a lot of cheap and free things to do and places to go in NYC. In fact, here are some tips to ensure you have a great time on your NYC bus tour without breaking the bank.

Tip One: Plan Ahead

Do not wait until you arrive in NYC to start your search for discounts and deals. Someone on a budget should always plan ahead. Research different New York bus tours until you find one offering some type of promotion, sale, or discount. Take advantage of tourist passes that grant you free entry to a number of different places. Never pay full price for something without first determining if there are cheaper options. Namely, this means you shop around before deciding on factors such as which NYC tour bus company you want to plan your trip with and which hotel you want to stay at. This also means shopping around for your transportation. Namely, do not book the first flight you find to NYC without comparing the prices to other options.

Tip Two: Free and Pay-What-You-Can Attractions

Despite being an expensive city, there are free attractions you can enjoy during New York bus tours. Many museums and attractions are “pay-what-you-can” or “pay-what-you-want.” This means they have a donation box you drop money into before entering the attraction. Instead of charging hefty entry fees, the attraction (usually a museum) relies on these funds to make things happen. Here are a few free (or pay-what-you-wish) attractions to check out:

Keep in mind, this list barely scratches the surface on the free attractions for you to check out during your NYC tour bus.

Tip Three: Establish a Daily Spending Budget

In addition to your overall New York budget, establish a daily spending budget for your trip. When you get close to the spending budget, your options are to turn in for the night or to take a trip to one of the many free attractions in the area. With these three tips, you should have no trouble enjoying your NYC bus tour on a budget.