What to Wear When You’re NYC in the Winter

What to Wear When You’re NYC Sightseeing in the Winter

During the summer, people who go NYC sightseeing can run around in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. But in the winter, things are different. In fact, the Big Apple has bitterly cold and snowy weather during the wintertime, so when you go New York sightseeing, it is essential that you dress accordingly. That way, you will stay dry and warm, making your adventures fun and comfortable.

Wearing Layers

When sightseeing in NYC in the winter, always dress in layers. That includes warm socks, preferably fleece-lined pants, and a t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt on top or a shirt with a sweatshirt. You should also bring a jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat. While that might seem like overkill, you will appreciate every layer. Because bus tours in NYC consist of multiple stops, it is most important to keep your feet, hands, and head warm. Again, that will keep you warm as you walk from one store to another, making it possible for you to get the most out of your NYC pass. Otherwise, you would want to stay on the bus, thereby missing the chance to see and do a lot of things that this city offers.

Night Tours NYC

Especially when you’re taking an NYC night tour, staying warm is imperative. With no warmth from the sun, temperatures often plummet below zero. Again, make sure that you dress in layers. Rather than tennis shoes, put on a good pair of insulated walking boots. Not only will that keep your feet from freezing, but it will also make it easier to walk around as you visit iconic sites, go shopping, or whatever other activities you prefer.

Using the Right Tour Company

By using the services of a reputable tour company, a tourist bus in NYC will get you from one place to another safely while providing you a cozy and comfortable place to retreat. When you finish at one stop, you can get back on the bus to warm up and get ready for the next adventure. By dressing the correct way, you will enjoy every minute of your NYC sightseeing, even during the cold winter months. View Also: Things to Do in Winter in NYC