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What You Can Expect from Your New York Sightseeing Pass

As you plan your NYC attraction packages to take advantage of, be sure to keep in mind just what the package will include. A New York sightseeing pass can be an amazing deal when you get it from the right company thanks to everything that it includes. In addition to a bus tour, the best passes will throw in numerous extras to make sure you get the best possible value.

Numerous Bus Tours During the Day

The main focus of a New York sightseeing pass is typically the range of bus tours. The best NYC bus tours will include the ability to take numerous routes throughout the day, repeating them as often as you want. Expect a bus tour of downtown as well as uptown. There are also bus tours of Brooklyn and the Bronx along with night bus tours so you can see how the city looks at night and give your feet a break from exploring attractions. Between all these bus tours alone, NYC attraction packages are well worth the investment, coming out to just a few dollars per tour.

Bike Rental

To give you another way to see the city, the best New York sightseeing pass will also include a complimentary bike rental that lets you explore the city or Central Park at your own speed while getting some exercise. The bikes are always professionally maintained so you just have to worry about planning the route to take.

Museum of NYC Admission

Instead of having to pay the admission fee for the Museum of NYC, your New York sightseeing pass may already include it. The museum was founded in 1923 and sits in a landmark building. You can use this complimentary pass to explore the permanent collections as well as temporary exhibits and get a feel for the history and culture of New York City.

Liberty Cruise

Finally, expect your NYC attraction packages to include a Liberty Cruise that gives you an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty from the water. Along this route, you will get to see the Manhattan skyline and pass by the South Street Seaport in addition to other attractions. Have your camera ready during the cruise so you can snap photos with a second’s notice.   For all of these sights along with knowledgeable tour guides and a fun-filled day, contact us to book your sightseeing pass for however many days you want.