Where to Pose for Family Pictures While NYC

Where to Pose for Family Pictures While Sightseeing NYC

When sightseeing NYC with your family, you want to hit some of the most frequented spots as well as some off the beaten path. Regardless of where you go, it is essential to take photos so that you have something to cherish for life. However, instead of just any background, make sure you choose the best locations that will enhance the images and capture your experiences.

Sightseeing NYC: Hop On Hop Off New York Bus Tours

If your goal is to have the family pose for pictures near famous landmarks, you might consider a hop on hop off NYC bus tour. With that, the driver makes a loop around a specific part of the city, allowing you to get off and back on at leisure. That means you can visit a site and take as many photos as you want. Then, when you’re ready, you can get back on the bus to continue your journey. Some of the hot spots for tours like this include:

  • Times Square – Whether you’re visiting during the day or at night, this is the perfect place to capture images of your family. With a background of people milling about, taxi cabs, and flashing lights, this is the heart of the city.
  • Central Park – You can also benefit by taking a hop on hop off bus in NYC that stops at different areas of Central Park. You can capture photos of the family in an open grassy area, near a pond, on a bridge, or while sitting outside a favorite restaurant adjacent to the park.
  • Bronx Zoo – As the largest metropolitan zoo in the US and ranking among the biggest in the entire world, this too would be an excellent destination for taking family photos.

Double Decker Bus in NYC

If you prefer to capture more candid photos while sightseeing NYC, consider riding on a double-decker bus as you travel through different boroughs of the city. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of buildings and sceneries, giving you multiple backdrops. This tour also stops at various destinations, giving you even more opportunities for photos. Something as simple as a photo of your spouse or child with a massive skyscraper in the background would look stunning.

Endless Possibilities

Regardless of whether you take a tour during the day or at night, there are endless places to go while sightseeing NYC that would be ideal for family photos.