Reasons Experienced Travelers Utilize a New York City Pass

Why Experienced Travelers Should Utilize a New York City Pass

A New York City pass is the perfect way to see all that the city has to offer in a short amount of time. Therefore, it is the best option for experienced travelers. People who are used to traveling can explore many places at a very fast pace and often know how to create their own itinerary depending on what they want to see most.

Different Tours

A New York City pass has a variety of tours and offers multi-day passes. The most popular pass is the 24-hour New York City pass. It includes an uptown bus tour, a downtown bus tour, a Brooklyn bus tour, a night tour, and a Bronx tour. It also gives you access to the Museum of New York City and a two-hour bike rental. There are also two-day passes, three-day passes, and five-day passes. Aside from the tours listed above, they also include a liberty cruise. You can get all of these tours separately as well. All of them have a six-month expiration date from the moment you purchase them.

Hop on Hop off Tours

Your New York City pass includes two hop on hop off tours: the uptown tour and the downtown tour. These tours allow for more flexibility, as you can get on and off the bus at one of the many stops provided during the tour. Both start at Times Square but go in opposite directions. The uptown tour brings you to Carnegie Hall, Central Park Zoo, and the Museum of the City of New York. You can also see the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Apollo Theater, and more. The downtown tour brings you to the Highline, Battery Park, City Hall, and a variety of other locations.

Non-Stop Tours

The other three tours (the Brooklyn tour, the Bronx tour, and the night tour) are non-stop tours. They don’t last more than two hours each. The first one brings you all the way to the hip borough of Brooklyn. There, you will experience the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park, and the Barclays Center. The Bronx Tour will take you all the way to the home of the Yankees. A night tour will show you Manhattan by night.