NYC St. Patrick's Day Events: A Visitors' Guide

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in New York City is an experience of a lifetime that anyone who enjoys this holiday shouldn't miss out on. Not only are NYC St. Patrick's Day events fun, but many of them offer unique ways to celebrate and enjoy the day. While New York City hosts one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parades in the world, the love for Irish culture extends to the city's museums, restaurants, and other attractions, too. There are sure to be many things going on in NYC for St. Patrick's Day that will make this year's celebration the best one yet!

Open Day at the Irish Arts Center

Attending St. Patrick's Open Day at the Irish Arts Center provides an experience that is different from the traditional pub crawl because it delves deeper into Irish culture. Throughout the day, the Irish Arts Center hosts multiple classes and events showcasing Irish music, food, literature, and dance. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the people who brought the traditions of St. Patrick's Day to the United States. Ultimately, the Irish Arts Center's Open Day provides more meaning to celebrating St. Patrick's Day in New York City because it gives an opportunity to nurture your artistic side and embrace Irish culture.

The New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade

The most common way to celebrate a holiday in NYC is with an extravagant parade, and St. Patrick's Day is no exception to the rule. New York City's annual St. Patrick's Day parade is the oldest and largest one in the world and celebrates the origins of the holiday as well as Irish culture. Attending the parade is more than just an excuse to dress in green; it's also one of the best opportunities to witness a strong sense of Irish-American pride. In fact, it's one of the most authentic NYC St. Patrick's Day events because of how much one can learn about the holiday during the parade.

At the parade, floats and cars are replaced by passionate musicians, dancers, marching bands, and more. What makes this experience more exciting is that it's completely different than other holiday parades because it celebrates the holiday in a more modest manner. Of course, having no floats or cars doesn't mean that the parade won't be extravagant, because it's run by thousands of proud Irish volunteers who are eager to showcase their heritage. Overall, it's the perfect start to the rest of America's favorite Irish celebration!

Irish History Exhibits and Monuments

New York City is home to some of the most incredible history and science museums in the world, and many of them create exhilarating exhibits that showcase Irish history and culture on St. Patrick's Day. For instance, the Tenement Museum on the lower east side of Manhattan hosts an exhibit that showcases the Irish struggles during times of immigration. Through the eyes of an individual Irish family, you'll be able to see their struggles and the strong sense of Irish identity that helped to keep Irish culture in America alive.

Another must-see on St. Patrick's Day in NYC is the Irish Hunger Memorial near Battery Park. The monument stands as an educational landmark, teaching every visitor about "The Great Hunger" that destroyed millions of Irish families. Learning about Ireland's deadliest famine can give insight into the history of immigration to the United States in times of struggle and need. Visiting the Irish Hunger Memorial will give a deeper look at the people who brought St. Patrick's Day and its festivities to the United States. Seeing this is the best way to pay homage to the Irish and celebrate a deeper meaning of the holiday.

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