A Map of Superheroes in NYC and Where They Protect

“Superheroes in New York? Give me a break!” Stan Lee and many of his comic contemporaries have dreamed up a colorful and chaotic New York City, with a huge list of super-powered soldiers, vigilantes, and mutants protecting its streets from harm. Here’s just a quick overview of New York superheroes, including those who are originally from the city, those who call it home now, and those who simply protect it.​

Marvel Superheroes in New York City

Unlike the DC universe, which is typically set in the cities of Gotham and Metropolis, the Marvel universe is overtly set in the real city of New York, pointing out specific landscapes, giving specific addresses, and pointing to real, contemporary issues in the comics. There are a ton of Marvel superheroes based in New York, from the famous to the obscure. Here’s just a small Marvel superheroes list covering the most important players.

  • Where does Spider-Man live? Peter Parker’s residence is 20 Ingram St. in Queens, a fake address in Forest Hills, but numerous places get the protection of Spider-Man in New York City.
  • Which characters roam Hell’s Kitchen? Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist can all be found in the area, and their friend, Luke Cage, can be found in Harlem.
  • Who has their headquarters in NYC? There’s the fictional building in The Avengers, the Sanctum Sanctorum from Doctor Strange, and numerous local spots for spotting local Marvel heroes!

Other, Non-Marvel NYC Heroes

Use our map to find where Marvel superheroes live, but there are also some famous local heroes that have nothing to do with Marvel. New York is also home for everything from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to talking Gargoyles!

  • New York might be potentially endangered by The Magicians, The Watchmen, Heroes, the Ghostbusters, and Spawn. Are they actually villains or truly superheroes? New York City is home to some morally gray super-powerful folks!
  • Brooklyn is a hot spot for superpowers, too! The Brooklynite and The Purple Heart are some lesser-known superheroes from Brooklyn.

Check out our list of the superheroes from New York and see if you can spot a caped crusader on your NYC tours!