Cities With the Most Successful Professional Sports Teams

What are the metropolitan areas with the most successful professional sports teams? We added up every game played by every team in the four most popular professional sports leagues over the past ten seasons. Across the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, a staggering 50,991 total games were played.


The greater Boston region has the highest percentage of wins, with a 56.63 average win percentage across the Patriots (NFL), Celtics (NBA), Red Sox (MLB), and Bruins (NHL).

Coming in second was the Los Angeles metropolitan area with 52.75%. With its eight professional sports teams, LA won 3,572 out of 6,772 total games played.


The New York Yankees have won more games over the past 10 seasons than any other Major League Baseball team.

The New York metropolitan area, which also boasts eight professional sports teams, performed admirably with 3,264 wins out of 6,772 total games played across the four leagues, for a total win percentage of 48.20. This percentage was of course carried by the New York Yankees, who won 56.17% of their games.


The New England Patriots have won 76.88% of their games over the past 10 seasons.

But which professional sports teams have the highest win percentage across all four leagues? Here are the top five teams by win percentage:


1. New England Patriots (NFL): 76.88%

2. San Antonio Spurs (NBA): 68.90%

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL): 66.25%

4. Green Bay Packers (NFL): 62.50%

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA): 59.63%


The team with the lowest win percentage across all four professional sports leagues is the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, with only 38 wins over the past 10 seasons (23.75%).


But not everyone can be a winner. Which pro sports teams lost the most games and had the lowest win percentages over the past ten seasons? Here are the bottom five teams by win percentage:


5. Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA): 33.66%

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL): 32.50%

3. Sacramento Kings (NBA): 32.32%

2. Philadelphia 76ers (NBA): 30.85%

1. Cleveland Browns (NFL): 23.75%


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