Things to do on Easter Sunday in NYC

Easter Sunday in New York City offers many fun activities to do, landmarks to see, and special, family-friendly Easter events. NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world in which the five boroughs are filled with local events and other fun activities. Shopping at Macy's to see the annual Flower Show may be one of the many things to do on Easter in NYC, but there are also multiple museums and historic sights holding their own celebration specials. Celebrating can be done in more ways; here are some of the best ways to celebrate Easter in the city.

Attend the Annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival in New York City

The best excuse to wear a quirky hat or bonnet in public this spring is the Annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival taking over Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Having been dawned a tradition since the late 1800s, people from around the world come to celebrate and embrace the scents of flowers and Easter cheer. What's even better is that this is the perfect opportunity to sport creativity and nurture the inner child while being surrounded by like-minded individuals who also love Easter festivities. NYC makes this parade a great opportunity to smell flowers and dress up as a bouquet in the streets - now, that smells like high fashion!

Celebrate With the Easter Bunny

One of the greatest things about Easter Day events in NYC is that many of them include a visit from the Easter Bunny. All across New York City, different venues host parties and Easter festivities during which everyone can take a picture with the Easter Bunny while decorating Easter eggs. While most people anticipate Christmas to sit on Santa's lap and snap a picture, this combines an American favorite tradition with fun Easter activities. NYC makes Easter celebrations with the Peter Cottontail special and memorable.

Hunt for Easter Eggs in NYC

Hunting for eggs on Easter is a favorite tradition for many, and there are many hunts set up in conjunction with the city's Easter events. NYC may be a concrete playground with not a lot of backyards to hunt in, but different locations have their own twist to the game. The world famous Rockefeller Center hosts its own Easter egg hunt for families followed by an open ice skating rink for everyone to enjoy.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Some of the best places to go on Easter Sunday in NYC are the candy stores for those with a major sweet tooth. Many of them have their own special Easter twist on a select variety of candies and goodies that are worth the once in a lifetime calorie. The Economy Candy Store on the Lower East Side of Manhattan can be the best place to visit because it's become somewhat of a landmark in its own right. Having been open since the 1930s, the legendary candy store has satisfied millions of sweet teeth looking for a good sugar fix. That said, Easter is no exception to pleasing a customer and the Economy Candy Store is there to give a taste of Easter for everyone that walks through the door. This store is one of many in the city that put the sweetest twist to the Easter holiday for all people to devour.

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