The Bronx NY Zoo and Zoology

The Bronx Zoo is home to thousands of animals, and it's been open to the public since 1899. Some of the people who work at the Bronx Zoo are zoologists, people who study animals. Zoologists have many duties, including making sure that where the animals live is comfortable for them, helping injured animals to get better, and teaching zoo visitors about wildlife.


One of the types of animals you can see at the Bronx Zoo in NY is the Asian elephant. Asian elephants can live as long as 60 years and can sometimes weigh up to 5.5 tons! These huge animals are also really smart: They think, play, and have feelings just like people do.


Another interesting animal you can see at the zoo is the bald eagle. Bald eagles are a symbol of America because of their strength and bravery. Bald eagles can be more than six feet wide when they stretch their wings out. That is one big bird! Seeing a bald eagle flying overhead is always impressive.


Have you ever seen a Caribbean flamingo? These brightly colored, tall birds can live as long as 50 years, and records of flamingo fossils show that flamingos been around for 10 million years! But flamingos aren't the only colorful creatures you might see at the zoo: You could also spot the beautiful monarch butterfly, best known for its memorable orange and black pattern. Their colors are actually there to warn enemies not to come near them. What's really incredible about these butterflies is their ability to fly 3,000 miles during their autumn migration every year.


Who is the king of the jungle? That would be the lion, whose roar is so loud that it can be heard 3 miles away. Most lions live in Africa, just like like the collared lemur, an animal that is similar in size to a house cat and uses its long tail to stay balanced. Zebras also live in Africa, and they're easy to spot thanks to their black and white stripes. Just like snowflakes, every zebra has its own unique pattern, and they are able to run at incredible speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.


Did you know that giraffes are the tallest animals in the world? They are almost 20 feet tall, and females can weight up to 2,600 pounds! Giraffes are also from Africa and are often one of the first animals that people want to see when visiting a zoo. Gorillas also live on the continent of Africa, and just like giraffes, they are also very big creatures. Male gorillas can weigh up to 400 pounds!


The Indian rhinoceros is another amazing and large animal, and it has skin that acts as a shield against other rhinoceroses who might try to pick a fight. But rhinos aren't the only tough-skinned animals: The king cobra's skin also works as a shield to protect its body as it slithers along the ground. King cobras are very dangerous, so it's best to see these at a zoo, not in the wild.


When people think of going to the zoo, they might also think of the orange and black Malayan tiger. The Malayan tiger is an incredibly fast animal. It's also an endangered species: Scientists think that there are only 250 to 340 Malayan tigers left on the planet. Also endangered is the beautiful snow leopard, a creature that calls the Central Asian mountains its home. Some say that there are only 4,500 to 7,500 snow leopards in existence today.


If you'd rather see something cute and cuddly at the zoo, check out the squirrel monkey. Baby squirrel monkeys cling to their mothers' backs until they are around two months old. They are incredibly smart animals; even though they are small, they have very large brains. Another adorable animal at the Bronx Zoo is the little penguin. These adorable little animals are only a foot tall, making them the tiniest type of penguin, and their cute little waddle actually helps them to move faster.


At the Bronx Zoo, there are many animals to be discovered, and each one has its own special story to tell. A person can learn so much about these animals by listening to the talented zoologists who work there. These zoologists have a lot to teach the world about animals and why we should care for them and protect them.


Asian Elephant

Bald Eagle

Caribbean Flamingo

Collared Lemur



Indian Rhinoceros

King Cobra


Little Penguin

Malayan Tiger

Monarch Butterfly

Snow Leopard

Squirrel Monkey