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The Best Things to Do in NYC in Winter

If you're visiting NYC in winter, there are plenty of options for fun, and you'll be dodging some of the worst of the tourist crowds. While natives might be looking to get out of town, seeking the best winter day trips from NYC, we know there's plenty to enjoy in the city even during the cold weather. We've rounded up some of the most fun things to do in NYC in the winter for all kinds of people. Check out these suggestions, then take advantage of them with our convenient tours. TopView offers the best NYC tours in winter, spring, summer, or fall, featuring all of the highlights and most popular attractions!

Spring Activities and Things to do in NYC During Springtime

New York City seems to reawaken during the springtime, and the winter doldrums begin easing as the mercury gradually climbs. In the parks, flowers start blossoming to fill the air with delightful scents. As you plan a spring vacation, there are many activities you must do in NYC. Spring activities promise to fill your vacation itinerary with fun, and the city has plenty to offer! If you're in the Big Apple for spring break, NYC will rise to the occasion with many exciting excursions and attractions.

Best Things to Do in NYC in the Summer: A Visitors' Guide

Summertime is a great time to take a vacation and explore an exciting new place, and for many, New York City is at the top of their list. There's plenty to see and do in NYC at any time of year, but in the summer, the city comes alive with fun activities and exciting events. Check out some of these ideas to create the best NYC summer trip experience!

Fall in NYC: A Visitor's Guide to Fall Events and Sightseeing

Any time of the year is a great time to tour New York City, but if you get to the Big Apple in the autumn, you are in for a treat. Fall in NYC is filled with a crispness in the air and a ton of things to do. Sightseeing in the fall in New York City also tends to feature smaller crowds, so if you're looking for a time when the city's not quite so busy, this is a good season to visit.

NYC St. Patrick's Day Events: A Visitors' Guide

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in New York City is an experience of a lifetime that anyone who enjoys this holiday shouldn't miss out on. Not only are NYC St. Patrick's Day events fun, but many of them offer unique ways to celebrate and enjoy the day. While New York City hosts one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parades in the world, the love for Irish culture extends to the city's museums, restaurants, and other attractions, too. There are sure to be many things going on in NYC for St. Patrick's Day that will make this year's celebration the best one yet!

Things to do on Easter Sunday in NYC

One of the greatest things about Easter Day events in NYC is that many of them include a visit from the Easter Bunny. All across New York City, different venues host parties and Easter festivities during which everyone can take a picture with the Easter Bunny while decorating Easter eggs. While most people anticipate Christmas to sit on Santa's lap and snap a picture, this combines an American favorite tradition with fun Easter activities. NYC makes Easter celebrations with the Peter Cottontail special and memorable.

The Best Things to do in NYC for Valentine's Day

New York City is such a romantic destination for Valentine's Day. Cozy up on a sightseeing cruise or experience the sights and sounds of NYC together on TopView Sightseeing bus tour. Add any of these ideas to your NYC Valentine's Day getaway!