The 100 Tallest Buildings in New York City

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Towering, beautiful, and glittering, the NYC skyline is captivating, but which of these tall skyscrapers have grown higher than the rest in the urban jungle? We’ve mapped the tallest buildings in New York City so that you can go find them. Just don’t get a crick in your neck trying to stare up at them all!

What Is the Tallest Building in NYC?

The tallest building in New York, NY, is One World Trade Center, at 1,776 feet (or 541 meters). Also colloquially known as Freedom Tower, this 104-floor skyscraper also happens to be the tallest in the Western Hemisphere and the sixth-tallest building in the world. The top of the roof is 1,368 feet, making the spire about 408 feet. This building was created to replace and commemorate the two original World Trade Center towers destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

What Is the Tallest Residential Building in NYC?

Want a room with a view? The tallest apartment building in New York, NY, is the new 432 Park Avenue, a 1,396-foot skyscraper overlooking Central Park. It is also the tallest residential building in the world. Locals sometimes like to make fun of it, since it was supposedly inspired by a needlessly expensive trash can (specifically this one).

A List of the Top 10 Tallest Buildings in NYC

Here are the tallest buildings in order of height:

  1. One World Trade Center — 1,776 feet (541 meters), 104 floors

  2. 432 Park Avenue — 1,396 feet (426 meters), 96 floors

  3. 30 Hudson Yards — 1,268 feet (387 meters), 73 floors

  4. Empire State Building — 1,250 feet (381 meters), 103 floors

  5. Bank of America Tower — 1,200 feet (366 meters), 54 floors

  6. 3 World Trade Center — 1,079 feet (329 meters), 80 floors

  7. 53W53 — 1,050 feet (320 meters), 77 floors

  8. Chrysler Building — 1,046 feet (319 meters), 77 floors

  9. The New York Times Building — 1,046 feet (319 meters), 52 floors

  10. 35 Hudson Yards — 1,009 feet (308 meters), 72 floors

Eight out of 10 of these tallest buildings have been built within the past 20 years, which just goes to show how quickly the NYC skyline changes. The only exceptions — the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building — were both built during the Great Depression and have been world-renowned as possibly the most iconic New York skyscrapers.